Book of Ra 2 Online Slot Game

If you’re fond of online slot game action, you may be curious about the Book of Ra. This popular, Web-based game is designed to combine the high-octane thrills of casino action with amazing adventure elements which take players into the mysterious and fascinating world of ancient Egypt.

In order to help you learn more about this exciting game and what it has to offer, we’ve created a practical quick guide. By detailing more facts about the Book of Ra, as well as how the game is played, we’ll give you the ability to make a wise and informed decision as to whether or not it’s the right online slot game for you.

Enjoy a Truly Adventurous Plotline

If you love casino games with historical elements, you’ll find that this slot game is extremely diverting and compelling. When you choose the Book of Ra, you’ll be led into an epic adventure. Ancient Egypt provides the ultimate backdrop for a quest which requires you to claim treasures which are carefully hidden within…

If you loved Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’ll find that this online game has similar plot points and a similar feel.

By offering the perfect blend of atmosphere, adventure and traditional, casino-style action, this game sets itself apart.

Now, let’s talk about how the game is actually played…

How the Game Works
This game features an un-fixed, multi-pay line and five reels. When you choose the Book of Ra, you’ll have the power to decide exactly how many lines you wish to activate (nine is the current maximum in the regular version; ten is the limit in the Deluxe game). Symbols utilized during gaming action include Pharaohs, Cleopatras, archaeologists and Golden Books of Ra. In addition, you’ll find the usual complement of Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and #10s.

This versatile game is great because it gives players more choices. Since pay lines may be altered easily, it’s really simple to adjust the game as desired. Plus and minus buttons are utilized in order to change bets quickly and effectively. At the base of the screen, players will find data which dictates total bet per spin, as well as the current amount of lines activated.

Since the game is fundamentally simple, it’s a great starter game for newbies. However, its classic playability and flexibility make it an ideal choice for intermediate and experienced gamers as well. If you want casino slot game action that is simple to understand and so much fun to play, you’ll likely really enjoy what this game has to offer.

Book of Ra is available at a range of websites online. Be sure to play the game at reputable online interfaces. In order to find the best places to enjoy this slot game via the Web, check message boards where casino gaming fans congregate, or look for website reviews online.

Because this game is known as one of the best slot games online, it’s designed to offer tons of benefits, along with gameplay that is easy to understand. That’s why this exciting game continues to fascinate and inspire.

So, why not try it today?


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